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Recognitions and Moments to Cherish

2022 has been truly special to me on the various nominations with so many prestigious and influential leaders across North America. These visuals will be forever etched in my heart and mind - Neelima

Neelima is a Co-Founder of Spectrum North and Women in Tech Evangelist who has spent over 2.5 decades in the Corporate world in various leadership roles across North America - East coast, West coast, Silicon Valley, Canada working with Fortune 500 Companies like Apple, AT&T, WellsFargo, Scotiabank were she has built high performing teams, help businesses drive innovation with technology for complex apps, ran massive delivery engagements and adopt business models. Serving in the public, non-profit and private sectors, she brings a passion and vision to every organization that she touches.

Neelima also serves as the Chief - Global Head of Delivery Management heading Technology, Product Management for Nutcache Org wide globally North America, Brazil.

Neelima is passionate about building and connecting technology to solve real-world problems, as well as growing a supportive community for women in tech. 

Neelima has held various leadership positions at Apple, ADP, WellsFargo, AT&T, Scotiabank & Indegene were she has built high performing teams.  Neelima has launched multiple innovative, industry-breaking initiatives in North America. She has helped businesses drive innovation with technology, ran massive delivery engagements which processed multi billion dollars of transactions and adopt sustainable and accessible business models.

Neelima got an opportunity to work on various domains including Telecom, Banking, Finance, SaaS, CRM, Call Center, Payroll, POS, LifeSciences, Retail, Project Management, ERP though out her career responsible for massive technology rollouts from pilot planning to full scale deployment. She has led thousands of rollouts for complex applications at concepts through post Implementation support during her leadership roles.

Neelima is a leader, volunteer, wife, mother, friend, mentor. She’s a Board Director, Executive and the most importantly 'proud mum'.

She has helped businesses drive innovation with technology, ran massive delivery engagements which processed multi billion dollars of transactions at Apple Inc. Cupertino, California and adopt sustainable and accessible business models.

Neelima holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Maharishi International University, Fairfield - Iowa.

She loves building and working with small, crazy teams going after big ideas. She is passionate about Technology and delivering delightful user experiences with Lean Agile practices. Her passion is developing great ideas with smart people who have grit, and delivering thought-leading, massive scale products that improve lives.

Neelima started Spectrum North as a campaign that celebrates women's stories, and showcases the lesser-known successes of women, in order to support and encourage the next generation. She has always been fascinated by talented women and their inspiring stories motivate her.


She knows first-hand what it feels like to work in a male-dominated industry, what it takes to navigate the many obstacles women face and how women need strong female role models to inspire confidence and ambition. She aims to promote women empowerment by fostering self confidence, leadership skills and motivating women to overcome the real life challenges they face within the corporate world today.

Neelima’s Podcast “The Power of Women in the world of Tech” features thoughtful discussions about Women in Tech and Women Empowerment. As part of this series, she aims to promote Women Empowerment by fostering self confidence, leadership skills and motivate women to overcome the real life challenges they face within the corporate world today.

Podcast Link -

Neelima and her Son Neerav also host the ‘Curious Neerav’s Podcast’ where they talk about interesting, fun and educational STEM topics. 

Podcast Link -

There is no limit to what we, as Women, can accomplish. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. Believe in your strengths, most importantly love yourself.

Outside of her Corporate profession, Neelima is a proud mom . She loves to spend time with her Family, enjoy Gardening, listening to music, an adventurous girl who didn’t dare to SkyDive in Hollister-California, Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii, Traveling - exploring new places, Cooking, Baking, Interior Designing, Biking, Volunteering, Driving, and playing Basketball.


Neelima also enjoys meeting new people, learning new things and culture.

Live life fully, laugh often, and love deeply. The words that guide her life both in and out of her profession.

2 decades in the Corporate world - 3 Continents, 3 Oceans, 7 Companies, multiple Cities, an awesome crew of team members, amazing Mentors and all my dear Mentees #Gratitude


About Neelima

Small Town Big Dreams

I was born and raised in a small town Mandsaur. Mandsaur is a town in the Malwa region and district of Madhya Pradesh state of central India.  My father is a businessman and my mother, a homemaker.  My parents have taught me the values of education, respect for others, hard work, doing the right thing, and learning from others.  I have tried to live my life by them.  


Like the other Indian kid growing up in a small town in the '90's, being raised in a male dominating society, going to an English Medium school used to be a big deal. My Father didn' t care of the Society, the surroundings and no matter what I have done in my life, my father has always been my biggest cheerleader and my pillar of strength. I grew up in a traditional home, in a male dominated society that was India in the 1990’s. Even though I grew up in a traditional home, my parents had the same expectations for me, my sisters and my brother. I have made my journey with the values my parents taught me; education, respect for others, hard work, doing the right thing, and learning from others.

My First assignment in North America

2 decades ago, I boarded a flight to the United States, and all the experiences it held.  I was scared, and excited.  

"A suitcase in hand and one big dream that’s all I had when I came here 2 decades ago."

I remember the day my plane landed. I looked out of the arrivals area with a sense of hope.  I recalled the hours spent staring at the scenery outside the train on my way to and from school dreaming of this moment and being grateful for the sacrifices made by my family.  The fact I was on my own in a new country didn’t phase me. I was confident I could draw on my past experiences to get me through the challenges that would arise. I was determined to succeed.


I landed in Atlanta, Georgia USA for my first assignment. Every day was challenging without friends, and family.  I had a new culture to adjust to.  I persisted, and have made this continent my home working three different jobs in Atlanta, San Jose, California, and San Francisco California where I had multiple awards of proficiency.  I lived in fear of being sent home.  My passion for my work kept me going.


Chasing my dream wasn’t easy, and I struggled. It made me sweat, it made my cry, it made me lose, it made me weak and it made me feel low. But I kept working hard and pushed boundaries that I never thought would cross. Life got easier and I got stronger and I felt high of hope.