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Welcome to #SpaceQUEST #STEM #Explorers #CuriousNeeravs #Podcast

🎤 Step into the world of "Curious Neerav’s Podcast," where 11-year-old Neerav invites you to embark on an engaging journey filled with captivating, educational, and enjoyable discussions. 

🎤 In each episode, #CuriousNeerav delves into a new topic with the aim of providing his audience with engaging and astonishing insights 🔬🧪🧑‍🔬👩‍💻➕✖️ 📝

🎤 At the conclusion of the #podcast, you'll also receive a valuable tip or a free resource for your enjoyment.

Our #podcast serves as a gateway to a world where learning transcends boundaries, and the excitement of exploration knows no bounds. We embark on captivating journeys through the domains of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), igniting the flame of discovery in every listener.


SpaceQuest: This part of the name implies a quest or journey related to space. "Space" refers to outer space, the cosmos beyond Earth's atmosphere, and "Quest" suggests a purposeful and adventurous exploration.


STEM: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It represents a focus on these disciplines and their application in various fields.


Explorers: This term refers to individuals or groups engaged in exploration, discovery, and investigation. In this context, it suggests that the organization or group using this name is involved in STEM-based exploration and discovery related to space.

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