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Empower Women in Tech Alliance 

Alliance Propelling Gender Parity in Tech
Empowering Women & Girls: From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Alliance propelling gender parity in Tech

Your Professional Partner Throughout Your Journey

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"There is no limit to what we, as Women, can accomplish".

EWTA is a global platform, rooted in our core values and driven by a deep commitment, our platform is to uplift and inspire women and girls in the tech sector at every stage, from the classroom to the boardroom. Our core values embrace empowerment, diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration. We foster a worldwide support network that connects exceptional female talents - technologists, entrepreneurs, and allies - facilitating mentorship, knowledge sharing, and collaborative opportunities.



The Empower Women in Tech Alliance - EWTA, is a global non-profit organization championing gender equality and the advancement of women in technology sectors. Founded in 2021 under the Spectrum North mission by Neelima Mangal, EWTA cultivates an inclusive ecosystem where women thrive as leaders, innovators, and catalysts of change.

At EWTA, we embody resilience and unwavering passion. Our alliance is a driving force, propelling women towards realizing their full potential in the technology realm. We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, continuously striving to learn, lead, and excel.

United by a profound commitment to empowerment, diversity, collaboration, and continuous growth, EWTA pursues key missions:

1. Foster a Global Support Network, Cultivating a Global Sisterhood - EWTA is building a worldwide community that connects and empowers women in technology. This supportive network spans technologists, entrepreneurs, and allies, facilitating invaluable knowledge sharing, mentorship opportunities, and collaborative projects that transcend borders.


2. Championing Inclusion and Representation

Addressing the gender imbalance, EWTA inspires and equips the next generation through comprehensive outreach, skill-building programs, and advocacy efforts. The goal is to increase women's representation and leadership in STEM/STEAM education and careers by promoting inclusive policies.


3. Amplifying Trailblazing Voices

EWTA provides platforms to showcase the achievements of female tech pioneers and visionaries. By celebrating their successes and creating mentorship avenues, EWTA amplifies influential voices that inspire and guide others along their journeys.

4. Empowering Growth at Every Stage

Through a holistic approach, EWTA empowers women's advancement from classrooms to boardrooms. Comprehensive initiatives encompass mentorship, professional development, leadership training, and advocacy for gender-equitable policies in the workplace.

5. Fostering Regional Impact, global Chapters

With established local chapters worldwide, EWTA builds vibrant regional communities while tailoring initiatives to address unique challenges and needs in diverse contexts.


6. Driving Systemic Change

EWTA's advocacy efforts lobby for gender-neutral policies, equal pay, family-friendly benefits, and inclusive practices within tech workplaces, promoting lasting, systemic change.


7. Research & Insights for Progress

Through research studies, EWTA sheds light on the challenges faced by women in tech and identifies best practices, informing strategies for overcoming barriers and achieving gender parity.


8. Global Partnership & Synergistic Collaborations

EWTA collaborates with tech companies, universities, non-profits, and government bodies, harnessing synergies to amplify its impact and drive positive change across the technology landscape.

Through our collective voice and collaborative efforts, we aim to create a lasting impact, shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for a future where gender parity in tech is the norm, not the exception.


Join us on this transformative journey as we #ClimbLeadSucceed together.

Every Voice Matters

Our platform serves as a catalyst for empowerment, providing opportunities for diverse voices to be heard, valued, and amplified. We believe every voice matters in driving progress and innovation in the technology sector. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where women from all backgrounds can share their perspectives, ideas, and experiences.

Unlock Growth: The Dual Benefits of Free Webinars and Fireside Chats for Students and Professionals

Both students and professionals can benefit greatly from attending free webinars and fireside chats in several ways:

Benefits for Students

  • Flexibility: Webinars and fireside chats allow students to gain insights from industry experts from anywhere, making it easier to balance studies with other commitments.

  • Cost Savings: These online events are typically free, saving students money on transportation and other expenses associated with attending in-person events.

  • Global Perspective: Online events bring together participants from diverse backgrounds, exposing students to different perspectives and cultures.

  • Networking Opportunities: Webinars and fireside chats facilitate networking with peers, instructors, and industry professionals, expanding potential career opportunities.


Benefits for Professionals

  • Upskilling and Reskilling: These events provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills, learn about new trends, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

  • Career Advancement: Attending webinars and fireside chats can help professionals stay up-to-date with their field, potentially leading to career growth and advancement.

  • Thought Leadership: Fireside chats, in particular, offer exclusive access to thought leaders and industry experts, allowing professionals to gain valuable lessons and insights.

  • Networking and Collaboration: Online events facilitate networking and potential collaborations with like-minded professionals from various industries and locations.

  • Convenience: The flexibility of webinars and fireside chats allows professionals to balance their learning with work and personal responsibilities more effectively.


By leveraging the advantages of free webinars and fireside chats, both students and professionals can gain valuable knowledge, insights, and connections that can contribute to their personal and professional growth without incurring significant costs.

Guided, Coached & Mentored

  • 10,000+ Students & Professionals

  • Global and growing

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  • Podcasts

  • Universities

  • Volunteers

  • eWIT - Empower Women in Tech

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  • Confidence Building

Our Leadership Council is a curated collective of seasoned women board directors and accomplished tech executives.

The Leadership Council is a selected group of members who shape the strategic direction of our organization.

We recognize the significant value that women bring to the boardroom, driving innovation and improving colloboration.


Leadership Council

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 6.25.15 PM.png

Our mission is to increase the presence of women technology leaders.

Through the connection of outstanding technology leaders, we are building a dynamic ecosystem that fosters diverse perspectives and excellence in boardroom leadership.


Together, we can achieve impactful results and pave the way for a future where gender balance and inclusive leadership are standard practice.

All our board members are highly skilled executives with significant technology expertise.






















"Climb, Lead, Succeed" is a comprehensive guide to empowering women in their professional journeys. It offers actionable strategies to excel in careers, overcome challenges, and assume leadership roles. Addressing the unique hurdles women face fosters an equitable society. Written for diverse readers, it encourages self-empowerment and understanding of workplace challenges. 

The book draws inspiration from Neelima's remarkable journey, which took her from a small town in India to a global leadership position in the USA and Canada. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and resilience, demonstrating that one can overcome even the most challenging obstacles in a career path with determination and the right strategies. It's a transformative guide, promoting inclusivity, equity, and empowerment, igniting change. Neelima champions diversity, hosts podcasts, and spearheads initiatives, showcasing her commitment to transformative change.


🌟About - Climb, Lead, Succeed empowers women to embrace strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve professional success for a more equitable world. The book's Ten pragmatic, actionable strategies offer empowerment, insights to conquer biases, and advance leadership. 

🌟Why - The book addresses the hurdles women often face in their careers, particularly women of colour. It equips readers with actionable tactics to conquer self-doubt, biases, and external obstacles. Ultimately, it aims to foster a supportive community that promotes empathy, empowerment, and a more equitable society.

🌟Who - This book is for women at all career stages, whether just starting, returning to work after a break, or advancing in their careers. It also encourages men to understand and support the career challenges faced by women, contributing to the goal of a fair and equal world in the workplace.

This book is for all enthusiastic Academic Students, Women in Universities, Women in Corporations, Women in Business, Women in Technology, and all Men in Corporations and Universities. Overall, "Climb, Lead, Succeed" is for anyone committed to fostering a fair and inclusive professional environment, making it an essential read for individuals across various stages of their academic and professional journeys.



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