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💜 Professional Women in CANUSA 💜 

 Hola! This group is for professional  women in Canada and the USA - Women Advancing Women.

A safe space where you can interact with peers, experts, share ideas, offer and receive advise, and enhance each other's professions. A platform for all the bright Women who have just finished maternity leave, have immigrated, re-entering the workforce, transitioning careers, relocating between the USA and Canada, a seasoned executive or are available for work, we are here to uplift and inspire you. A peer-to-peer networking platform for professional Women that fosters an open exchange of cutting-edge ideas, technology, and mentoring for both personal and professional development. 


We are a global community of professional women united by a shared mission of empowering and supporting each other in our professional journeys. What began as a platform for discussing professional viewpoints has blossomed into a vibrant sisterhood that celebrates the strength and unity of women from all walks of life. 

Get involved if you're looking to expand your professional network, are interested in mentoring others, seeking support from like-minded individuals, job prospects, want to give back to the SN community and most importantly have fun along the way. An effort to discuss professional women's viewpoints swiftly developed into a vibrant sisterhood that embraces all women as a single, unifying the group.

Our values embrace empowerment, diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration. We work to foster an atmosphere where everyone is supported and welcomed. 

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Being a woman who wants to advance her career is challenging. The obstacles are numerous, the chances are limited, and the ceiling is too restrictive. 

Talented Women are at various stages of motherhood and have found different methods to juggle raising children and employment. Some of us have worked while raising children. Some took pauses from careers that were longer than we had anticipated. SN Her/She Key is a platform that connects bright talent by building a strong pipeline of excellent women prospects who have recently returned from maternity leave, are returning from sabbatical, have immigrated, or are looking for work. To add value, accomplish shared success, and help Women keep an advantage in our dynamically changing society, we embrace the power of change. We link brilliant talent to provide women the means to network, advance in their careers, guidance, combat impostor syndrome, develop in their professions, find inspiration, and close the gender gap in the workplace.

For immigrants, ambitious women who are stalled with USCIS denials, H1b Layoffs, Visa Expiry in USA, SN Mov NORD - is our platform for the great talents. Neelima wants to emphasize the OptionB route for Immigrants peacefully via 'SN Mov NORD'.  We're here to help the great talents, millions of Immigrants around the world who make the huge sacrifice of leaving their families. It is a one stop information for all the fellow Immigrants, Technology hubs in North, Move NORD Forum, Moving to Canada from the USA vice a versa and one should know.

Accelerate Your Growth as a Professional, Interact with wonder women from various functional and industry sectors while receiving guidance from top executives. Our members work in a variety of fields, including technology, healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and more.

Together we can make this space more inclusive and equitable for all women if we stand up for one another and collaborate to remove barriers. Let's encourage one another, rejoice in each other's accomplishments, and cooperate to remove the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. When we support each other, we can accomplish great things.

Our Members at a glance 

Our members work in a variety of fields, including technology, healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and more (and are growing..!)

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