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SN Wonder Women 💜 


👩‍💻 SN Her/She Wonder Women is a global circle of like-minded professional women who are dedicated to "lifting" each other professionally, whether you are just starting your career, re-entering the workforce, new to an industry, changing careers, an expert veteran in your profession, and/or a senior executive.

Let’s Get Started 💜 

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In a world where Women still face bias and other barriers at work, SN Her/She groups are a safe space to share your challenges, ideas, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. Whether you need help navigating your new normal at work or are looking for support from Women who understand what you're going through, our circles will give you the boost you all need.

SN Her/She Wonder Women, is reimagining the landscape for working women across Canada and United States — to empower women to start, restart, and advance in IT profession by giving all bright women access to networking, mentorship, inspiration, access to opportunities, professional events so that the next generation of young women, leaders can keep climbing higher.

Even though women are outnumbering men in the workforce, less than 10% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women with pay disparity. Neelima founded "Spectrum North Her/She Wonder Women" in order to provide women the means to network, advance in their careers, guidance, combat impostor syndrome, develop in their professions, find inspiration, and close the gender gap in the workplace.

Together we can make the SN Her/She Wonder Women more inclusive and equitable for all women if we stand up for one another and collaborate to remove barriers. Let's encourage one another, rejoice in each other's accomplishments, and cooperate to remove the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. When we support each other, we can accomplish great things.

Best, SN Her/She team

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