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The Power of Women in the world of Tech

In 2024, we started featuring special guests on our podcast, inviting passionate women in tech, sales, marketing, finance, business, Universities, CEOs, entrepreneurs and more.. Our goal is to explore how these women climb, lead, and succeed in their respective fields.

Our guests love being on the show for several reasons. They appreciate the friendly atmosphere, the flexibility with timings and recording pace, and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals. Many have told us that their time on our podcast was one of their most enjoyable experiences.

Special Guests 

Sudha is based out Bay Area, California and has 19 years of experience in Marketing organizations at companies like P&G, PayPal and LinkedIn.


She is currently the Director of Product and Field Marketing for the LinkedIn Talent Solutions business where her team helps employers across the world hire and develop strong talent.


She is also a trained coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and talent developer.


💜 Rhonda Dibachi is based out of #California the #CEO fearless leader of HeyScottie , an AI-enabled manufacturing services marketplace. She has (co)founded multiple startups in tech including #Noribachi, a US-based lighting manufacturer, #Niku Corporation (NASDAQ:NIKU), a Silicon Valley Professional Services Automation (PSA) software and helped take the company public in 1999 in an IPO lead by Goldman Sachs (acquired by CA, 2005). 


Rhonda also serve as Chair of Inxeption Corp, the leading technology platform for industrial e-commerce.



💜 Gowri Sivaraman is based out of the Bay Area, California, Director of Software Engineeering at Intuit. She is a technologist with over 20 years of experience in Software Engineering. She holds a Master's Degree in Engineering from the University of South Florida and is a proven software development leader.

She specializes in enhancing digital experiences for consumers and small businesses. Her leadership focuses on mentoring and empowering teams, creating a culture of innovation where individuals are motivated to produce their finest work

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After three remarkable seasons, both loyal listeners and newcomers are in for an exciting ride: We are genuinely grateful for the success of the previous seasons and thrilled to announce the launch of Season 4, coinciding with "IWD: International Women's Day".


Whether you're a professional aiming to shatter glass ceilings, a young woman aspiring to venture into the tech industry, or someone passionate about promoting gender equality, this podcast offers something invaluable. "The Power of Women in the world of Tech" podcast series is for a diverse audience. Experienced tech professionals, newcomers, and aspiring individuals receive guidance, motivation, and success strategies.

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