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SN Lean In Wonder Women 💜 


👩‍💻 LeanIn Wonder Women is a global movement of female leaders in science, technology, finance and business creating change and encouraging Women in STEM and entrepreneurship sectors.

👩‍💻The goal is to create a space for Women colleagues to discuss opportunities and challenges that pertain specifically to women.

👩‍💻Our themes will allow you to focus on help you have been seeking.

Let’s Get Started 💜 


It’s easy and only takes a moment.

1. Register with Spectrum North and create your account.

2. Choose SN LeanIn Theme

3. Joining Preference: a. Member, b. Lead 

Choose SN Lean In Theme 💜 


SN Lean In Advisory 

SN Lean In Creative Wonder Women

SN Lean In Mentor 

SN Lean In Women Empowerment



Selection Criteria

In a world where Women still face bias and other barriers at work, SN LeanIn groups are a safe space to share your challenges, ideas, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. Whether you need help navigating your new normal at work or are looking for support from Women who understand what you're going through, our circles will give you the boost you all need.


We look at the following criteria when approving someone as a SN LeanIn Wonder Women

  1. Does this person have greater than 5-7 years of experience in Technology, STEM

  2. Does this person have greater than 2 years of leading a technology, business, marketing&sales, HR team?

  3. Does this person have at least one and/or two industry recognized WIT certifications?

  4. Is this person demonstrating a positive impact on the industry?

  5. Is this person mentoring others to improve the WIT careers?

If you meet this criteria, get in touch with us and register. We would love to hear from you and our team will get back to you as you Qualify.

Special Note for University Students 💜: Dear Students, If you are leading a "LeanIn Mentorship circle" within a reputed University and are talented, unique - you still Qualify for "SN LeanIn Creative Wonder Women" and "SN LeanIn Mentor" themes and programs. Pls specify, as you register with us for consideration.

Best, Spectrum North Team

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