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The Power of taking Risks and why it is essential to women's success by Neelima Mangal

Leaving your comfort zone can open up a completely new path for you. Try it?

My life's work has been to create a better, more compassionate reality for immigrants who arrived in this country like me, full of hopes and dreams.

Life is often terrible, painful, and humorous. But I prefer to assume that life is mostly hopeful.

The podcast episode for this week comes from the heart.

Be fearless! Being fearless is your superpower. There may be moments in your life when people underestimate your ability, and you might even have a moment of self-doubt. Use these moments to gain the strength you need to take a risk and apply for that job.

⚡️ Take risks & don't be afraid to learn new things

⚡️ Find the time to build genuine relationships

⚡️ Come to work as your authentic self

⚡️ As your experience & expertise evolves over time, as will your brand

Are you passionate about Technology, new to the IT Corporate world, your little Angels and Young Women entering into the workforce needs coaching, tips , and/or Women professional seeking self confidence, leadership skills etc..

If you are curious listen to 👉🏻 The PodCast: SN Women Empowerment - The Power of Women in the world of Tech! is on Spotify, Anchor

As part of Season2, Spectrum North aims to promote women empowerment by fostering self confidence, leadership skills and motivate women to overcome the real life challenges they face within the corporate world today.

Every woman has her own journey, and the path is never easy. Everyone has her share of failures. It is how you deal with those failures and what you learn from them that matters. It is how you respond rather than react to those situations that matters. It is the lessons you learn from your failures that matters. We are going to learn and move forward together.

Here are seven reasons why risk-taking is essential to women's success, according to the very women who have benefited from putting it all on the line.

1. Great, otherwise unforeseen opportunities often come from risk-taking. They Experience a Passion in Every Risk They Take.

2. Taking risks shows confidence and helps you stand out.

3. We learn from risks -- and those lessons may lead us on an important, new path.

4. Success won't fall in your lap -- you have to pursue it.

5. You don't achieve your dreams by playing it safe.

6. Embracing risk-taking helps you overcome a fear of failure. They Learn All the Way Through.

7. Taking a risk doesn't mean doing so haphazardly. They Change and Have High Adaptability.

While risk taking can clearly be personally and professionally beneficial, it doesn't occur in a vacuum, either. People don't benefit from risks without preparing to take them and educating themselves on the possible fall-out.

"While I'm obviously a risk taker, at the same time, I do my homework and recognize the necessity of execution and follow through." "You can't just toss out a bunch of ideas without considering the entire project's workflow and what the final result ought to be or resemble."

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