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Toronto the most Popular destination for New Comers

Are you interested in moving to Toronto? If so, here are some astounding and fascinating things you should be aware of!

1. Toronto is Multicultural

Toronto is one of the multicultural cities in the world, with more than half of its residents belonging to a visible minoritywWith more than 200 languages spoken and more than half of its population being members of a visible minority.

No matter where you are from, there is already a resident of Toronto that is from your hometown.

2. Toronto is Safe

Compared with other large North American cities, Toronto is very safe. Sure, some Toronto neighbourhoods might be a little sketchier than others, but most people (men, women, and children) will probably feel pretty secure wandering around, regardless of whether or not the sun is up.

3. Toronto is Fun

Since so many people from all over Canada and the world move to Toronto, there are established groups for every imaginable hobby. The hardest part of there being so much to do might be deciding which activity you want to try out next.

4. Toronto has four distinct Seasons

Toronto is a four season city, with sweltering summers, colourful autumns, snowy winters, and sopping wet springs. The good news is that, compared to some other Canadian cities (such as Montreal or Ottawa), Toronto’s winters are actually pretty mild.

5. Toronto is a city of Parks and Beaches

From Toronto Island to Trinity Bellwoods to the Beaches to Rouge National Urban Park, you can easily escape the urban jungle to a park or a beach without ever leaving the GTA or needing a car.

6. There are so many great things to eat in Toronto

Living in a city as diverse as Toronto has numerous benefits, one of which is the excellent food options available. There will probably be too many options for you to pick from, but that's good since brunch will soon be served.

6 a) There is an established Coffee Culture

There are several excellent independent coffee shops in Toronto where you may relax with friends or complete strangers while sipping on any of the infinite combinations of espresso and milk. One of them is not Coffee Time.

6 b) There is an established Bar Culture

In recent years, Toronto's craft beer scene has really taken off, giving the city's hipsters something to speak about besides beard oil. Similar to this, Toronto's mixologists are presently fighting for control of the cocktail world. Even the casual drinker who likes the occasional libation or three will benefit from both of these realities.

Moving to Toronto Factfile

  • Population (GTA): 6 million approx

  • Average July highs: 27C

  • Average January highs: -1C

  • Rainy days (0.2mm+) per year: 114

  • Top industries: Technology, design, financial services, life sciences, education, arts, fashion, business services, environmental innovation, food services, tourism.

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