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Why Being the Only Woman in Tech in the Room Rocks - The Power of Women in Tech by Neelima Mangal

'The Power of Women in the world of Tech' Podcast hosted by Neelima Mangal

There is no question women are in the minority in the tech industry, from the general workforce up through management and leadership roles.

Why Being the Only Woman in Tech in the room Rocks?

How being a minority helps, how to use it to your advantage?

This podcast comes straight from the heart. If you are curious,

Listen to 👉🏻 The PodCast:Spectrum North - The Power of Women in the world of Tech is on Spotify, Anchor

Being the minority in a group, can be more than just lonely. It can mean that everything you do stands out, or that you are viewed as a “token” or an “other,” and that your successes (or failures for that matter) aren’t simply perceived to be one-offs but wholly representative of your identity. Think of Indra Nooyi, the former PepsiCo chief executive, an Indian-American woman Indra Nooyi, or former Xerox Chief Executive Ursula Burns, an African-American. Their race and gender are often mentioned in the same breath as their names.)

I have suffered my fair share of discrimination based on gender. In my first job out of college, I spent a year as the only woman — and only person of color — on a seven-person team. I was paid less than my colleagues for doing the same amount of work. I didn’t pay attention at the time, because I was working hard at advancing my career. The further I advanced in the workforce, the faster I was able to adapt. I realized I had a choice to either let this intimidate me or to use it to my advantage, I realized there could be power in this situation, and I chose the latter.

It is really hard to be "one of the few" or "only" women in leadership roles. There can be an unspoken expectation that you represent all women just by being there. If you fail, there is a worry that people will think all women will fail in that role, that the “woman experiment” didn’t work. There are few mentors above you who are women who have broken the ceiling before you and can help you out. As an “only,” you might be in the position to tell men why the workplace is different for women.

Being the only woman in the room had some benefits. I was noticed and remembered. I suspect that my ability to keep up with, and surpass the performance of my male peers, was at times unexpected. It also meant there were fewer role models for me. It was harder for me to visualize being there long-term. I felt like an outlier.

As a #WomanOfColor, Neelima Mangal has encountered many parts of the challenges that plague our gender. It can be difficult for Asian women of colour to hold leadership positions in #CorporateAmerica.

👉🏻 No matter how high you are, #BeHumble; no matter how low you are, #BeHopeful, are my father's wise words to me, Neelima says.

1. Believe in yourself, making the most of yourself is the best thing you can do for the planet. Your Expertise Travels Fast

2. Persevere, Great works are accomplished via persistence. You Are a Role Model

3. Believe in 'The Power of Yet', start using the word "yet" more often.

4. Welcome Feedback, Constructive criticism allows us to see ourselves through a new lens. You are heard

5. Embrace failure, Reflect each day on what you've failed at (and learned from) Don't stress over failing.

6. Keep Going, Go all-out with something you're passionate about. You bring Value to the Table

7. Cultivate Grit, Grit isn't defined by persistence alone; you must also be passionate about the goal that you're trying to achieve in order to be successful.

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