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WOI22 Authentic Leader Award Winner, Neelima Mangal By Universal Women Network #WOI2022Raisethebar

Let's toast Monica Kretschmer and her incredible group of volunteers for making this happen and ensuring that women receive the respect they so richly merit..#WOI2022Raisethebar

Meet the 2022 Women of Inspiration™️ Award Winners:


Merci Universal Womens Network™ | Women-Owned for such a prestigious ‘Authentic Leader Award’, the recognition, and the fun evening!

To all the young women who are watching tonight, who are working hard and dreaming big, I’m rooting for you. The world needs us.. So let’s be courageous, let's be authentic and let us continue to inspire each other - Neelima Mangal

I also want to say thanks to #myParents (my true inspiration), Ravi my husband and Neerav my 10 year old for all the strength and support they have given me. They are my true cheerleaders and I could not have done this w/o them. #DreamBig #SmallTownBigDreams #WOI22AuthenticLeaderAward winner 🥂🎊🙏🎉 Nov5th2022AwardEvening🥂

Congratulations to all finalists and award winners 🥂👏🎉

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