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Professional Panel


Submission Process:

Step1: Submitting an article is available for "Members" only, SN Member

Step2: Submit your response [Character Limit: 400 words]

  • Your submission and concepts must be original.

  • If your submission contains copied content from online forums or any other site, it will be rejected. 

  • Any copyrights will result in the future dis qualification.

  • Our editorial staff, selection committee will put in a lot of effort to review these submissions.

Step3: Upon selection, author will be notified.

Step4: Professional Panel Summary will be published on the Spectrum North media centre.

Step5: Share the good news, publication on you social media platforms.

Best, Spectrum North

One community, all women, many voices. 


Topic1 - On Mother's Day this year, we will hear from our members about what they view as the most rewarding aspect of being a working mother.

Answer our Professional Panel questions and you could get your expert insights featured together with your peers in an article on Spectrum

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