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Your Gateway to Opportunities. Our platform is dedicated to bridging the gap between exceptional talents and opportunities across North America.

our FOCUS Areas

A platform that fosters an open exchange of cutting-edge ideas, technology, and mentoring for both personal and professional development. We are a global community of like-minded professionals united by a shared mission of empowering and supporting each other in our professional journeys. 

1. Climb,Lead,Succeed

2. The Power of Women in the world of Tech Podcast

3. SpaceQuest STEM Explorers

4. SN Her/She Divas

5.SN Job Prospects

7. SN WishBags Drive


Climb, Lead, Succeed - From a small town in India to the bustling #techhubs of #NorthAmerica

Climb,Lead,Succeed -​ Supercharging Women's Careers with Actionable Strategies and Triumphs 

📘📚📘The essence of this book can be distilled into three key pillars:

🚀 Climb (Career Growth), 🌟Lead (Positive Impact), and 🌠 Succeed (Personalized Success)

🍁Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of insights and inspiration that will empower you to ascend the ladder of success, embrace leadership roles, and ultimately achieve your most cherished goals. 

The Power of Women in the world of Tech Podcast- "The Power of Women in the world of Tech" includes in-depth discussions of women's empowerment and the workforce. By educating others, solving problems you wish you could have solved years ago, lifting up and empowering other Women, and sharing ideas, we passionately believe that ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world.

SpaceQuest STEM Explorers - Welcome to "SpaceQuest STEM Explorers," where boundless curiosity propels the journey of knowledge. Our podcast is a portal to a world where learning transcends boundaries, and the thrill of exploration knows no limits. With each episode, Neerav enthusiastically explores a fresh topic, aiming to not only entertain but also impart fascinating insights to his audience. We embark on captivating journeys through the realms of STEM,  igniting the spark of discovery in every listener. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and, above all, curious - Curious Neerav's Podcast

SN Her/She DIVAS - a group of ambitious women leaders who have worked their way to the top of a traditionally male-dominated industry. It is comprised of a stellar group of remarkable women built on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, SN Her/She DIVAS honours female leaders in STEM with announcements to highlight their achievements. Our group is composed of multicultural female leaders who are devoted to helping other women succeed in the Technology field.“When it comes to creativity, there is no shortage of talent". You can nominate yourself and/or If you know someone who meets the criteria, please nominate them as a Her/She DIVA.  Either way, It is always an honour to be nominated. Explore 'SN DIVAS' section and Nominate today!

SN Job Prospects - #SNJobProspects is aimed at assisting many immigrants who aspire to build their lives in Canada and the United States. A considerable number of talented professionals encounter challenges in obtaining employment due to their limited understanding of the North American labor market and the substantial layoffs that occur.  Our initiative is dedicated to assisting enthusiastic professionals, newcomers who are looking for their first IT jobs, and immigrants who are relocating between the United States and Canada, as well as vice versa.

SN MOVE NORD - is a platform with useful information for all the Immigrants in NorthAmerica - CA, USA and decides to make North America their Home.  We're here to help the millions of Immigrants around the world who make the huge sacrifice of leaving their families behind to live and work in another country.

It is one stop information for all the fellow Immigrants, Technology hub in North, Move NORD Forum, Moving to Canada from the USA and one should know and many more.

SN WishBags Drive - Each year, critical childhood illnesses are found in millions of children who are then placed in foster homes. These kids lose out on laughs and fun memories as well as being terrified. The SN Her/She Wonder Women work hard to assemble wish bags full of items that will enable kids to have experiences that they will always remember. The goal of SN Her/She WishBags is to assist in restoring the experiences and laughs that children in foster care are deprived of. The Her/She WishBags are filled with goodies that some children are not fortunate enough to receive, such as toys, blankets, and tasty snacks. so that we may fulfill our mission of providing a Her/She WishBag to every child in care.


Our values are the guiding principles that bond us as a team. 

01. We are Ambitious.

02. We are Inclusive.

03. We are Curious.

04. We lift help each other succeed.


  1. Our Mission is to Empower: We exist to empower North American talents, nurturing their abilities and facilitating their journey towards success and fulfillment.

  2. Our Mission is to Connect: Serving as a bridge, we connect exceptional individuals with a myriad of opportunities, creating a network that fosters growth and collaboration.

  3. Our Mission is to Facilitate Discovery: We curate diverse opportunities, enabling talents to explore, discover their passions, and broaden their horizons.

  4. Our Mission is to Drive Innovation: Fostering an innovative culture, we strive to advance industries and contribute to the evolution of North American innovation.

  5. Our Mission is to Promote Inclusivity: Inclusivity is paramount – our mission is to ensure that opportunities are accessible to talents from all backgrounds, promoting diversity and equity.

  6. Our Mission is to Foster Collaboration: Collaborative relationships are at our core. We aim to cultivate an environment where talents and professionals unite to achieve mutual growth.

  7. Our Mission is to Cultivate Knowledge: Through knowledge-sharing and learning, we aim to provide talents with tools to expand their capabilities and excel in their pursuits.

  8. Our Mission is to Build Futures: Central to our purpose is the creation of brighter futures – for individuals, communities, and industries – through empowerment, guidance, and opportunity.

  9. Our Mission is to Transform: We seek to be a transformative force, propelling talents beyond their perceived limitations and catalyzing their personal and collective evolution.

  10. Our Mission is to Lead: As pioneers in connecting talents with opportunities, we lead by example, driving positive change and shaping the North American talent landscape.


Embark on a transformative journey with Spectrum North, where you can unearth untapped potential and unveil hidden talents. By immersing yourself in our vibrant community, you'll ignite creative sparks, foster innovative collaborations, and expand the horizons of your imagination. Moreover, Spectrum North empowers you to envision and shape potential career paths, exploring a variety of industries and opportunities that resonate with your aspirations, thereby propelling you towards personal and professional growth.


​Embark on a dynamic journey with Spectrum North as you navigate a diverse landscape of opportunities, ranging from jobs and internships to freelance projects. Beyond opportunities, Spectrum North offers a gateway to connect with fellow talents who share your passions, facilitating enriching relationships and collaborations that amplify your progress. Stay ahead of industry trends by immersing yourself in insightful discussions and engaging content within the platform's vibrant community, ensuring you remain informed and adaptable in today's ever-evolving professional world.

3 - LEARN 

​Elevate your skill set through Spectrum North's immersive learning experience. Benefit from the wisdom of accomplished professionals and mentors within the Spectrum North community, gaining invaluable insights that enhance your personal and professional journey.

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