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Our team of volunteers offers a wide array of services, primarily centred around corporate speaking, keynote sessions, technology leadership and consulting, product management leadership, and various career and leadership development aspects. They also provide guidance for individuals looking to immigrate to North America, with a specific focus on addressing immigration issues through the OptionB route.

  • Corporate Speaking, KeyNote Sessions

  • Technology Leadership and Consulting

  • Product Management Leadership, Tips and Podcast

  • Move to North America USA or Canada

  • ​Immigration Issues in USA - Consult OptionB Route

  • Efficiently scale go-to-market strategies and Engineering pods restructure using Lean Agile Principles

  • Expand organizations globally

  • Develop a great company culture

  • Determine your next career steps

  • Shape your leadership style

  • Develop Product Governance, Go-To-Market-Strategy

  • Develop Engineering Talent

  • Enhance Personal Branding

  • Podcast Guest, CoHost

  • 1:1 Mentorship

  • ...and lots more.

Our comprehensive range of services aims to empower individuals and organizations in various aspects of leadership, management, and personal development.


To avail of their services, you can schedule a call or book a session, and our experts eagerly anticipates connecting with you to help you achieve your goals.


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