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About SN Move NORD 

Hola! This initiative is for talented, enthusiastic professionals aspiring to be in Canada and/or the USA

With the rise in H1B visa denials and numerous other challenges, there has been a significant surge in immigration from the USA to Canada. Find out more in our article [Read the article]

Canada consistently secures the top spot worldwide for 'Quality of life' maintaining its position year after year. Over the past decade, Canada has become the ultimate choice for immigrants seeking a safe haven for themselves and their families in North America.

SN MOVE NORD is the comprehensive platform providing valuable information for immigrants who have decided to call Canada home. Whether you're looking for a technology hub in the north, Move NORD Forum, or guidance on moving to Canada from the USA, we have all the resources you need.


Our mission is to assist the millions of immigrants worldwide who make the tremendous sacrifice of leaving their loved ones to work and live in a foreign country. In partnership with Spectrum North, we offer immigration, education, career consulting, job opportunities, and real estate services.

What sets us apart is our commitment to continuously monitoring all of Canada's immigration streams, ensuring a smooth transition and providing IT opportunities for your successful move.

Move NORD Reference

1. Move NORD Forum- Any general inquiries, please follow our Move NORD forum 

2. Move NORD Blogs 

3. Our Move from Valley to NORD, journey


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