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Founded by Neelima Mangal and launched on International Women's Day in 2021, the mission of "The Power of Women in the World of Tech" is to uplift and inspire women and girls in the tech sector at every stage, from the classroom to the boardroom. The podcast aims to empower them with insights, stories, and strategies for success.


"The Power of Women in the World of Tech" podcast is a valuable resource for professionals breaking barriers, young women exploring tech careers, and advocates of gender equality. It offers guidance, motivation, and success strategies for a diverse audience, including experienced tech professionals, newcomers, and aspiring individuals. 

Our podcast is designed for a diverse audience, including:

  • Experienced Tech Professionals: Those already working in the tech industry seeking guidance, motivation, and success strategies.

  • Newcomers to the Tech Industry: Individuals aspiring to enter the tech field, looking for insights and inspiration.

  • Aspiring Individuals: People passionate about promoting gender equality, interested in learning from successful women leaders.

  • Professionals in Related Fields: Those in sales, marketing, finance, business, academia, and entrepreneurship interested in technology.

  • Anyone Interested in Gender Equality: Individuals keen on supporting and learning from women breaking barriers in tech.

The podcast inspires listeners and fosters a sense of community, empowering women to reach new heights in their careers and make their mark on the tech landscape.


Whether you're aiming to shatter glass ceilings, venture into tech, or promote gender equality, our podcast offers invaluable insights and inspiration.

The Power of Women in the World of Tech

With the support of the WIT community and an overwhelming response, we began featuring special guests on our podcast in 2023. We invite passionate women from various fields including tech, sales, marketing, finance, business, academia, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and more. Our goal is to explore their journeys, leadership styles, and successes.

Our guests find the experience of being on our show rewarding for several reasons. They appreciate the friendly atmosphere, the flexibility in scheduling and recording, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Many have shared that their time on our podcast was among their most enjoyable experiences.

After four incredible seasons, both our loyal listeners and new audiences are in for an exciting journey. We are truly grateful for the success of the past seasons and thrilled to announce the upcoming season.

💜👉 If you're interested in being a guest, please schedule a 'Discovery call' OR directly register with us today.


Podcast Registration

Your support for our non-profit volunteers truly makes a difference and helps us advance our mission. Your contribution is completely optional, and we respect your decision. If you would like to contribute, please select the 'Yes' option. Payment details will be provided separately. If not, please select the 'No' option. Thank you.

Thank you for your submission. Ensuring your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to adhering to the principles of 'Climb, Lead, Succeed'.

Guest Appearance on the Podcast

⏳Our podcast values simplicity and respects everyone's time.

Once your request to be a "podcast guest" is approved, the process involves two simple steps:

  1. Podcast Registration Form: You may be required to submit a Podcast Registration Form. Details can be found below.

  2. Topic for Discussion: After registration and agreement, our volunteers will share the topic along with a sample script. You can record audio clips at your convenience and submit them.

What You'll Receive: 🎁

  • Be part of 'The Power of Women in the World of Tech' Forum. 🌐

  • Collaboration with like-minded professionals globally. 🌍

  • Featured guest appearances on Spotify, Spectrum North, YouTube,

  • Featured guest on 'The Power of Women in the World of Tech' forum. 

  • Featured guest on our Linkedin page - a platform for sharing valuable insights and experiences within the tech community world wide.

  • Future consideration for 'Women in AI Lounge' and 'Fireside chat' panel


We are a non-profit organization with our volunteers supporting:

  • Content Creation & Editing

  • Subscription to various media channels 

  • Cover Designing

  • Marketing

  • Managing Social Media Channels

  • Guest Engagement Activities and many others

Praise for Climb,Lead,Succeed -
The Power of Women in the world of Tech

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