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 Climb, Lead, Succeed,
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Anna Radulovski |

Founder & CEO WomenTech Network

| San Francisco, California

"Neelima Mangal's 'Climb, Lead, Succeed' is a stirring narrative of ambition, resilience, and triumph. It is a powerful reminder that with determination and the right support, no dream is too big. A must-read for anyone seeking inspiration to chase their dreams fearlessly. In "Climb, Lead, Succeed," Neelima Mangal takes us on a deeply personal journey, tracing her path from a small town in India to the bustling tech hubs of North America. Her story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and a never-give-up attitude.  It's an honour to introduce you to Neelima's world, where dreams take flight, and every challenge is another stepping stone toward success."
Neelima Mangal, the author of this comprehensive guide, invites you to embark on a transformative journey.  I have worked with her for multiple projects at a client site and witnessed her transformation to a leader. Through her personal experiences and wisdom, she offers insights and strategies to help you overcome obstacles, shatter glass ceilings, and pave your way to leadership and success. As you turn the pages of "Climb, Lead, Succeed," you'll find not only inspiration but also practical tools to empower your journey.So, if you've ever felt uncertain in the face of unfamiliar territories or the weight of bias, remember that you're not alone. With this book as your companion, you have the power to climb, lead, and succeed. Your journey starts here.
“She tops to conquer" was the first thought that crossed my mind the moment I saw Neelima's book "Climb Lead Succeed". Her works would go into history as one of the greatest modern-day contemporary women who showed the world what a simple small-town girl can do to achieve success and happiness. This book is a must-read for every girl, every woman and every man who aspires to set things right within their own lives and in the lives of others. Focus, determination, grit and goodness are the hallmarks one can take away from this book. In fact, it would be a spoiler to say anything further and I must admit that the 10 tools for achieving success are truly intriguing.”

- Prof Vijay Kumar Jayaram | The Management Messiah | Corporate Training, CEO Coaching & Mentorship for Entrepreneurs 






















"Climb, Lead, Succeed" is a comprehensive guide to empowering women in their professional journeys. It offers actionable strategies to excel in careers, overcome challenges, and assume leadership roles. Addressing the unique hurdles women face fosters an equitable society. Written for diverse readers, it encourages self-empowerment and understanding of workplace challenges. 

The book draws inspiration from Neelima's remarkable journey, which took her from a small town in India to a global leadership position in the USA and Canada. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and resilience, demonstrating that one can overcome even the most challenging obstacles in a career path with determination and the right strategies. It's a transformative guide, promoting inclusivity, equity, and empowerment, igniting change. Neelima champions diversity, hosts podcasts, and spearheads initiatives, showcasing her commitment to transformative change.


🌟About - Climb, Lead, Succeed empowers women to embrace strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve professional success for a more equitable world. The book's Ten pragmatic, actionable strategies offer empowerment, insights to conquer biases, and advance leadership. 

🌟Why - The book addresses the hurdles women often face in their careers, particularly women of colour. It equips readers with actionable tactics to conquer self-doubt, biases, and external obstacles. Ultimately, it aims to foster a supportive community that promotes empathy, empowerment, and a more equitable society.

🌟Who - This book is for women at all career stages, whether just starting, returning to work after a break, or advancing in their careers. It also encourages men to understand and support the career challenges faced by women, contributing to the goal of a fair and equal world in the workplace.

🙌 I hope #ClimbLeadSucceed helps my dear #readers find the great new #Opportunities. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey towards #Knowledge#Technology#Business#WomenEmpowerment and #Innovation.Thank you to everyone who’s giving my first book a chance. I hope you all enjoy #ClimbLeadSucceed as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope #ClimbLeadSucceed helps you find the great new #Opportunities ahead🙌

This book is for all enthusiastic Academic Students, Women in Universities, Women in Corporations, Women in Business, Women in Technology, and all Men in Corporations and Universities.

Climb, Lead, Succeed

From a small town in India to the bustling #techhubs of #NorthAmerica

Climb,Lead,Succeed - Supercharging Women's Careers with Actionable Strategies and Triumphs 

📘📚📘The essence of this book can be distilled into three key pillars:

🚀 Climb (Career Growth), 🌟Lead (Positive Impact), and 🌠 Succeed (Personalized Success)

🍁Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of insights and inspiration that will empower you to ascend the ladder of success, embrace leadership roles, and ultimately achieve your most cherished goals. 

🚀 Climb: This pillar reflects the upward journey of professional development. It understands that professional life can be difficult with many difficulties, but it also gives a road map for women to negotiate this climb effectively. Setting your sights on your goals and diligently working toward them, one step at a time, is the key.

🌟 Lead: Leadership is not only about holding titles and positions; it's about making a positive impact and driving change. "Climb, Lead, Succeed" encourages women to step into leadership roles within organizations and their lives. It highlights the importance of leading by example, being a role model, and contributing to a more equitable and just society.

🌠 Succeed: Success is a deeply personal concept, and this book respects that. It doesn't dictate success for any individual; it provides the tools and insights needed to define and achieve success on your terms. It emphasizes that success is not an endpoint but a continuous journey.


The book's Ten pragmatic, actionable strategies offer empowerment, insights to conquer biases, and advance leadership.  The book encourages self-empowerment, self-belief, and self-love while promoting the importance of inclusivity and equity. It provides a compass for negotiating, blending actionable strategies, addressing the unique challenges women, especially women of colour, face in the workplace, captivating success stories and attaining small joys of life. 

Climb, Lead, Succeed" is a call to action, a source of empowerment, and a catalyst for an equitable future, with Forbes publications on 2023 tech trends included. Including key Forbes publications by Neelima in the book adds a layer of credibility and relevance. It showcases Neelima's tech industry expertise and insights into the trends that will shape the future. These publications provide readers with valuable knowledge about what's happening in technology in 2023 and beyond.

In a nutshell, "Climb, Lead, Succeed - Supercharging Women's Careers with Actionable Strategies and Triumphs" is a transformative guide that empowers women, inspires change, and fosters inclusivity and equity in the workplace and beyond. It's a roadmap for women to climb the ladder of success, lead purposefully, and ultimately succeed on their terms. This book isn't just a read; it's a call to action, a source of empowerment, and a catalyst for a more equitable future.

There is no limit to what we, as Women, can accomplish.

Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable.

Believe in your strengths, and most importantly, love yourself.

Some beautiful moments, these visuals will be forever etched in my heart and mind.

#BookLaunch 🤝

#MomentsToCherish 🤝

How will #ClimbLeadSucceed be beneficial for Corporate readers?

Climb, Lead, Succeed - Supercharging Women's Careers with Actionable Strategies and Triumphs" can be highly beneficial for Corporate readers, who are typically Women in Tech, business leaders, executives, and any professionals seeking insights and strategies to excel in their careers and industries. Here's how the book can be useful to them:

* Practical Strategies for Career Advancement: The book includes ten practical strategies for career advancement and leadership development. These tactics can be used in a variety of professional settings and can assist both men and women readers of Corporate Professionals advance their careers and leadership skills.

* Insights on Diversity and Inclusion: Corporate readers frequently work in varied business environments. This book provides a unique viewpoint on the working issues that women, particularly women of color, encounter. It can help readers better comprehend the value of diversity and inclusion, resulting in a more equitable workplace.

* Leadership Development: The book's "Lead" pillar emphasizes positive effect and leadership. Many professionals, who hold leadership positions, can benefit from the book's leadership ideas to inspire and empower their teams and organizations.

* Inspiring Success Stories: Neelima's personal journey from a small Indian hamlet to global leadership is an inspiration. Readers of Corporates can be inspired by her narrative and apply her tenacity and strategies to their own professional adventures.

* Equity and Inclusivity Promotion: This book resonates with the values of equity and inclusivity that many organizations strive for. It encourages readers to actively support and celebrate diversity, making it applicable to people in positions of leadership.

* Understanding Gender issues: The book provides significant insights for male readers on the particular issues women experience in the workplace. It urges males to be allies in supporting gender equality by promoting a greater understanding of these problems.

* Networking and Collaboration: Corporate readers often engage in networking and collaborative efforts. The book's message of working together for a fair and equal world can resonate with this audience and inspire collaborative initiatives within their professional networks.


Finally, "Climb, Lead, Succeed" may help readers by providing actionable strategies, encouraging diversity and inclusion, boosting leadership development, and motivating positive change in their professions and workplaces. It is a resource that can assist professionals of all genders in excelling in their fields and contributing to a more equal and inclusive corporate environment.

About The Author

My name is Neelima Mangal

Neelima, a working mother and first-generation immigrant, exemplifies a shifting leadership demography in the fields of global delivery, technology, and business services.  

🇺🇸🇨🇦From a #SmallTown in #India to the bustling #TechHubs of #NorthAmerica🇺🇸🇨🇦

👩‍💼 Neelima is a seasoned leader and a passionate advocate for Women in Tech | CoFounder | Tech Executive | Chief - Global Head of Technology, Product, Delivery Management | 25+ years of diverse experience spanning the East and West Coasts, Silicon Valley, and Canada. She has held significant roles at prominent organizations in USA and Canada within SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Apple Inc. (Cupertino), AT&T (Atlanta), Wells Fargo (San Francisco), Scotiabank (Toronto),  ADP (Canada), Exeevo (Toronto), and Nutcache (Quebec) as the Chief - Global Head of Delivery Management heading Technology, Product Management for Nutcache Org wide globally North America, Brazil. Neelima enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, culture. 

👩‍💼 As a first-generation immigrant, Neelima's journey from a small Indian town to the bustling tech hubs of North America mirrors the evolving landscape of global technology and business services leadership. Her passion for using technology to address real-world challenges is evident in her roles as a Tech Evangelist,

  • MIT SLOAN CIO Community member

  • Forbes Technology Council Executive member,

  • WomenTech - Chief in Tech and Executive Council member

  • LinkedIn Top Artificial Intelligence Voice

  • Liftery Circle Tech Lead, leading Liftery Technical Moms in empowering the careers of 10 million women in North America.


👩‍💼 Neelima is a dedicated advocate for Women in Technology (WIT) and an acclaimed keynote speaker. Her achievements include being a WomenTech Global Ambassador, a member of the Forbes Tech Council's 2023 Thought Leadership Exchange Top 20, and recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech in 2022. She is a 2023 "Scrum Board Member-Nominee" and has received numerous Women In Technology (WIT) Awards, including Women of Inspiration and Women Authentic Leader awards.


👩‍💼 As an author, Neelima has penned "Climb, Lead, Succeed," featured in Forbes Council's 'Executive Library' 2023, offering valuable insights and strategies for women seeking career success. Her international impact extends through her roles as a WomenTech Global Ambassador and keynote speaker at prestigious events. 

Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of insights and inspiration that will empower you to ascend the ladder of success, embrace leadership roles, and ultimately achieve your most cherished goals. The essence of this book can be distilled into three #key #pillars:

📚#Climb (Career Growth), 📚#Lead (Positive Impact), 📚#Succeed (Personalized Success)


👩‍💼As the host of the podcast "The Power of Women in the World of Tech," Neelima aims to promote Women’s Empowerment by fostering self-confidence, and leadership skills, and overcoming challenges in the corporate world. Neelima's inspiring journey continues to empower women in the tech industry.


👩‍💼 Neelima's influential contributions span various industries, where she is recognized for building high-performing teams, driving innovation, and facilitating business model adoption. She has excelled in leadership positions within SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies, showcasing expertise in E2E Delivery Management, Agile Project Management, Quality Engineering, Product Management, Go To Market Strategy, Technology, Customer Success, Marketing, and significant contributions to the North American Financial, Retail, Banking, Telecom, Health Care, Life Sciences, CRM, and Payments industries. In her leadership roles, she has taken charge of massive technology rollouts, overseeing the entire process from pilot planning to full-scale deployment. Neelima's expertise extends to leading thousands of rollouts for complex applications, ensuring seamless implementation and providing post-implementation support.

👩‍💼Neelima is known for building high-performing teams, driving innovation through technology for complex applications, managing large-scale delivery projects, and facilitating business model adoption. She is passionate about building and connecting technology to solve real-world problems, as well as growing a supportive community for women in tech. Curiosity is what drives her the most. This curiosity allows her to lead cutting-edge enterprise technology solutions. She has helped businesses drive innovation with technology which processed multi billion dollars of transactions at Apple Inc. Cupertino, California and adopt sustainable and accessible business models. 

👩‍💼 Beyond her professional achievements, Neelima is a dedicated community builder, serving in public, non-profit, and private sectors. She brings passion and vision to every organization she engages with, mentoring hundreds of women and co-founding Spectrum North, a non-profit organization advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 

In a nutshell - Neelima, an author, an entrepreneur, tech executive, and community builder, has achieved notable recognition, including being nominated for the Forbes Tech Council 2023 Thought Leadership Exchange-Top20 published Member, Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech 2022 from the Tech Inclusion Committee in the USA. She hosts 'The Power of Women in the World of Tech' podcast, holds a nomination for Scrum Board Member, Linkedin 2023 Top AI Voice badge and has earned accolades like WOI22-Authentic Leader award and Women of Inspiration. Neelima's influence extends internationally as a WomenTech Global Ambassador and a keynote speaker at various prestigious events.

Every acknowledgment is motivation to keep going. Honoured & humbled to be recognized as:

For more information on Neelima, please visit​

1. More About Neelima

2. Accolades Recognitions

3. LinkedIn Profile

4. My Forbes Publication


💜 An Avid Champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Neelima spearheads transformative initiatives:

  • Host of "The Power of Women in the World of Tech“ Podcast, igniting confidence in women, conquering corporate challenges and features thoughtful discussions about WIT and Women Empowerment.

  • "Curious Neerav's" Podcast - a platform dedicated to nurturing young minds in STEM.

Small Town Big Dreams

हर ख्वाइश पूरी हो ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं फिर भी सपनो की आदत बुरी तो नहीं

1. Small Town Big Dreams - A little girl from a small town with a suitcase and one big dream, all I had when I boarded a flight to the United States. At that moment, my emotions were an overwhelming blend of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity. I challenged ahead with no family or friends, boosted by unwavering trust in the limitless possibilities ahead.

2. My Visa Journey - Extending my visa to the US was a constant, stressful fight. I have worked on all the various keys in the United States – L1, L2, H1, EAD, TN, and Business Visa; I am unsure if there were any I had not worked on. Taking my  citizenship oath in 2016 and casting my first vote in the 2019 elections filled me with immense pride. #OnceAnIndianAlwaysAnIndian, #PhirBhiDilHainHindustani. North America, indeed has been the continent of dreams and opportunities for me. #Gratitude

More can be referenced via My Publication.

3. Women in Tech - A little girl with No experience outside of her small town when she started her college studies three decades ago. Visiting a major metropolitan metropolis in India, such as Mumbai or Delhi, was a distant dream filled with expectations back then. But what a remarkable journey from those humble beginnings! I've embarked on an extraordinary adventure, travelling across continents - from traversing the landscapes of Asia-Pacific to the vibrant streets of South America, the rich cultures of Europe, and the vast horizons of North America and beyond. It's a journey that has been etched with countless emotions and unforgettable experiences.

4. Adventurous Girl - A little girl who had not seen any beaches until she was in Grade12 to be swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii, exploring beaches in the Bahamas, Skydive, Brazil and all the Great Lakes in North America - I consider myself to be blessed. I cannot be more thankful to the almighty.

5. My Mum Dad , my Inspiration - They never had a remarkable career, sat in the C-suite, drove fancy cars, or made tons of money. But I still look up to them. Why? Because they have always put their family first because, without the sacrifices they made, I would not have had the opportunity to have the career and life I have had.

6. My Family - #MySmallWorld, #MyStrengthMySupportMyCheerLeaders - Ravi and Neerav, you've been my pillars of strength. I'm reminded of the amazing family behind me, supporting me with every word I type.

  • Ravi, my hubby - your endless support, encouragement, and love have always been my guiding light.

  • Neerav, my world and a little ray of sunshine - your encouragement, countless drawings of superheroes, and inspiring messages have adorned my writing space.

  • Fluffy - my pet, my love, my WFH buddy.

This book is more than simply a compilation of words; it symbolizes support, love, and inspiration. I am constantly reminded of the fantastic Partner, Son, who encourages me as I write each new chapter.

What’s a risk you took when you were a girl, and what did you learn from it? I’ve been “passionate” since I was a little kid.

Neelima learned that the key to success is to have the "appropriate mindset" and "family support" at all times, which is her most valuable asset. Women can lead profitable enterprises, spend time with their family, and fit in the self-care practices that are essential to them.


·      You can get Married "and" have a job,  

·      Attend Business School "and" have a child,  

·      Rise to the C-suite "and" raise your kids,  

·      Take care of your family "and" the list goes on. 


  • It does not matter if your father is a Billionaire,

  • It does not matter your husband is a Millionaire,

  • You need to be accountable for your finances & be independent.


You need to set an example for your little ones and aid in eradicating long-standing gender biases that are ingrained in our society. There are no limits to what we, as women, can achieve. If you have faith in yourself, you can accomplish anything. Most importantly, love yourself and have faith in your abilities.


If you fail, never give up because,

Fail means.

“First Attempt in Learning”.


  • To my Parents (Radheshyam Mangal, Shakuntala Mangal) - For all the support and raising me to believe that anything was possible.

  • To my Son (Neerav Raju) – My world.

  • My Husband (Ravi Raju) - My strength, my best buddy, my cheerleader, my partner for making all this possible.

  • To my Pet (Fluffy) - My work from home buddy.

  • My Father and Mom in Law - Commander Ganapathy Raju. IN.(Veteran), Vijaya Raju - for all the support, motivation, and the encouragement.


(Mom n Dad - Having the best of both worlds is a blessing.)


First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to all the women who trusted me with their own stories of struggles and ambitions in the job. Your openness and willingness to share your stories not only helped define the fundamental themes of this book, but also granted me the incredible honor of serving as a catalyst for success. I want to sincerely thank all the women who have worked with me to write this book. I'm also overwhelmed by the sheer number of talented people who have guided me on this enlightening journey. Your passionate inquiries have been a motivating force, pushing me ahead with unwavering drive, whether it was after a motivational speaking engagement or through the platform of my podcast, “The Power of women in the world of Tech”.

The foundation of this book has been shaped by your trust, stories, and unwavering support, and I will always be grateful for that. I also sincerely appreciate Laura Steiner's help and advice throughout the writing of my book. Your sincere interest has motivated me to do my best to capture the essence of empowerment, leadership, and victory in these pages.

Gratitude Ravi, Neerav



Sitting down to put my thoughts on paper, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for the two most amazing cheerleaders. You both have been my pillars of strength, constant motivators, and unwavering sources of encouragement throughout this incredible journey of writing my book. I am constantly reminded of the fantastic family behind me, and is rooting for me with all their hearts with every word I type behind me and rooting for me with all their hearts and. This book reflects our shared journey and an appreciation for the support and love that have carved its pages.


Ravi, you have inspired me with your unending love and confidence in my skills. You've always stood by my side, ready with a comforting hug, a listening ear, and your unwavering faith in my dreams. Your sincere support has given me the warmth I required to press on, even through the most challenging times of self-doubt—your selflessness and compassion when I needed more.


Neerav, my little ray of sunshine, your infectious energy and innocent curiosity have brought an extra spark to this journey. Seeing your eyes light up when I shared my progress with you has reminded me of the importance of pursuing our passions. Your encouragement and countless drawings of superheroes and inspiring messages have adorned my writing space, infusing it with purpose and motivation.


This book is more than simply a compilation of words; it symbolizes the support, love, and inspiration I have in my life. I am constantly reminded of the amazing family who support and encourage me as I write each new chapter. I sincerely appreciate you being both my cheerleaders, pillars and most significant motivation source. With you, this trip was the same. Knowing that every word in the finished book contains a small part of your love and support, I can't wait to share it with you both.


I was able to do everything with support from Home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gratitude, Papa, Mummy

My heart overflows with passion and appreciation as I reflect on the fantastic journey. This journey has been constructed on the pillars of your unwavering encouragement and unending inspiration. I am fully aware that without your presence, this experience would have been lacking in every way. I am reminded of the numerous occasions when your love and support have served as guidance as each word is meticulously tucked into the binding of this finished book.


In a world frequently attracted by esteemed professions, lavish lifestyles, and financial success, the unwavering example you have built resonates most deeply within my heart. The lack of showy brands, expensive cars, or lavish lifestyles has not lessened the power of your influence on my life.

Seeing my papa in a suit after ages, holding the cover of my book, is a memory I will cherish forever. I hope that as you have this book, you feel the same immense pride that I do today. 


As I embark on this exciting chapter of sharing my book with the world, I want you both to know that this achievement is as much yours as it is mine. This dedication is a small token of my appreciation for the endless love and sacrifices you've made. Your unwavering belief in me has given me the strength to climb, the courage to lead, and the determination to succeed.  


Thank you for always being there, believing in my dreams, and teaching me that I can achieve anything with hard work and determination. ​


Thank you, Papa Mummy, for all your support and always being my pillar of strength.

Message to My Dear Readers

I want to leave all my readers with a powerful message: have faith in yourself, and do not be scared to stand out. In a world where certain industries and spaces are still dominated by men, it is essential for you to know that you have the power to break barriers and achieve greatness. Never let being a woman stop you from following your dreams. In fact, being the only woman in the room can work to your advantage rather than against you. Your voice matters, and your unique perspective can bring fresh ideas and innovation to any field you choose.


Do not allow society norms or stereotypes to limit what you can do. Anything you put your mind to is possible. Never forget that the key is to embrace your uniqueness and use it to your advantage rather than trying to fit into a template. Most essential, take pride in who you are and what you can contribute. There can be obstacles in your path, but do not let them discourage you. You may get stronger and show others and yourself that you can overcome anything by using every challenge you encounter.


So, young women, go out there and pursue your passions with confidence. Break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and show the world what you are made of. Believe in yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and rock the room with your presence. You could make a difference in the world since you are strong and capable.


If a Girl from a Small Town can do it, you can too.

Some beautiful #Harvard moments and #book, these visuals will be forever etched in my heart and mind 

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