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Ways to Partner


LeanIn Wonder Women is a global movement of female leaders in science, technology, finance and business creating change and encouraging Women in STEM and entrepreneurship sectors.


Join our SN mentoring program and make a difference for aspiring female leaders to advance their careers. 

"Be a role model."


Share your Unique, Creative ideas via Blogs, Articles, Videos


Get in touch with our Partnership Teams to learn more and you may participate in sharing:

1. Technology Blogs, an article and/or a video clip 

2. DEI Blogs

3. Your Inspirational Journey

4. Interesting & an amazing facts about North.

sn talks

SN Talks features global leaders in emerging technologies giving talks about DEI, WIT - what they’re working on at the world’s most innovative companies, real time corporate use cases, Women Empowerment.

Get in touch with our Partnership Teams to learn more about SN Talks and be part of:

  • Global Conferences

  • WIT Events

  • Virtual Talks - 45 minute fireside chat plus 15 minutes of Q&A 

Idea Sprints & Challenges

SN partners with corporates to provide real-world problems for our talent female colleagues to solve. Challenges and idea-sprints give our colleagues an opportunity to learn how the best Corporates problem solve.

Think of this similar to consulting projects where there are key objectives and success metrics.

Join Us

The Spectrum North Circle comprises of a stellar group of remarkable women who are committed to supporting us as we provide an action-oriented and encouraging environments for all young and professional women to thrive, and to elevate their leadership and impact.

There’s no membership fee, simply subscribe to Spectrum North and you will automatically be added to our database. 

About Spectrum North

Charity Donation

Become a Volunteer

 SN Women Empowerment is structured to involve as many volunteers as possible with varying degrees of responsibility. All are challenging, all are important, and all are necessary in order for Spectrum North to function and effectively meet our mission.

Become a Sponsor

Strengthen the value of your marketing dollar by becoming a Spectrum North Sponsor! 

A group of women at a business meeting
Volunteers Serving Food
Volunteers Serving Food

Become a Donor

Support Women and Girl Orphanages. 

Donate now & help deliver health, safety & livelihoods to women & girls around the world.

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