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Job prospects


#SNJobProspects is aimed at assisting many immigrants who aspire to build their lives in Canada and the United States.

A considerable number oftalented professionals encounter challenges in obtaining employment due to their limited understanding of the North American labor market and the substantial layoffs that occur.  Our initiative is dedicated to assisting enthusiastic professionals, newcomers who are looking for their first IT jobs, and immigrants who are relocating between the United States and Canada, as well as vice versa.

SpaceQuest STEM Explorers

Welcome to "SpaceQuest STEM Explorers," where boundless curiosity propels the journey of knowledge. Our podcast is a portal to a world where learning transcends boundaries, and the thrill of exploration knows no limits. With each episode, Neerav enthusiastically explores a fresh topic, aiming to not only entertain but also impart fascinating insights to his audience. We embark on captivating journeys through the realms of STEM,  igniting the spark of discovery in every listener.

Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and, above all, curious - Curious Neerav's Podcast

Looking to attract, retain, and advance Women talent.

We create a strong pipeline of Women prospects.


Share your Unique, Creative ideas via Blogs, Articles, Videos


Join our SN mentoring program and make a difference for aspiring female leaders to advance their careers. 

"Be a role model." 


Get in touch with us to learn more and you may participate in sharing:

1. Technology Blogs, an articles, video clip.. 

2. Your Inspirational Journey

3. Interesting & an amazing facts about North.


Due to H1B, visa denials, crime and several other issues, there is a massive immigration from the USA to Canada 

SN MOVE NORD is a platform with useful information for all the Immigrants who  decides to make Canada their Home.  It is one stop information for all the fellow Immigrants, Technology hub in North, Move NORD Forum, Moving to Canada from the USA and one should know and more.

We're here to help the millions of Immigrants around the world who make the huge sacrifice of leaving their families behind to live and work in another country.


Join our SN Joy drive (Not-For-Profit)

  • The goal of this drive is to bring joy and enable little ones to have experiences that they will always remember.

  • Little passionate kids will be given an opportunity to participate in Curious Neerav's podcast.

Join Us

A platform that fosters an open exchange of cutting-edge ideas, technology, and mentoring for both personal and professional development. We are a global community of like minded professionals united by a shared mission of empowering and supporting each other in our professional journeys. 

About Spectrum North

Charity Donation

Become a Volunteer

 Our programs are structured to involve as many volunteers as possible with varying degrees of responsibility. All are challenging, all are important, and all are necessary in order for Spectrum North to function and effectively meet our mission.

Become a Sponsor

Strengthen the value of your marketing dollar by becoming a Spectrum North Sponsor! 

A group of women at a business meeting
Volunteers Serving Food
Volunteers Serving Food

Become a Donor

Support Orphanages. 

Donate now & help deliver health, safety & livelihoods to women & girls around the world.

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