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Diverse Talent

Current Statistics of Women in Tech

The gender gap in technology is still evident, as seen by the most recent statistics. Here are some key facts about the current state of women in tech:


Workforce Representation

  • Women make up only 27.6% of the tech workforce, a marginal increase of 0.9% from the previous year.

  • Brown, Black and Latinx women are severely underrepresented, making up just 2.2% and 1.9% of the tech workforce respectively.


Leadership Roles

  • Only 17% of tech companies have a woman serving as CEO.

  • Women hold merely 8% of chief technology officer positions.

  • Just 11% of founding teams at tech companies are at least half female or non-binary.


Education and Entry-Level Roles

  • Women account for only 18% of new computer science degrees.

  • At the entry-level, women represent 32% of technology hardware roles and 43% of software roles.


Attrition and Retention

  • 50% of women in tech leave the field by the age of 35.

  • 31% of women who leave tech cite job dissatisfaction as the reason.

  • 57% of women in tech report feeling burned out at work, compared to 36% of men.


Pay and Promotion Disparities

  • Women in tech earn 17.5% less than their male counterparts on average.

  • For every 100 men promoted to manager in tech, only 52 women are promoted.

  • Companies offer higher salaries to men for 62% of tech jobs compared to women



We bridge the gap between tech talent and companies, aiming to minimize bias in the hiring process, and supporting women and minorities in tech to secure positions at organizations that value diversity and inclusion.

Discover the talent you've been looking for.

  • Comprehensive Talent Discovery: Uncover the diverse talent you've been searching for through our extensive network and rigorous selection process. We customize our approach to match your specific technical requirements and organizational culture, ensuring a seamless fit for your team.

  • Trusted Partnership: Count on us as your reliable partner in connecting with diverse talent who can meet your IT needs effectively.

  • Dedicated Focus on Diversity: We prioritize individuals from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing highly skilled professionals, and people of color who demonstrate both passion and advanced technical skills in the IT sector.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment extends beyond matching talent; we strive for excellence in every aspect of our service delivery, enhancing your overall experience.

  • Innovation and Agility: Embrace innovation and agility with our talent solutions, adapting swiftly to evolving IT landscapes and business needs.

At #EWTA, our mission is to bridge the talent gap for professionals in the technology industry.

We're committed to connecting talented professionals with companies who are hiring. We believe in bridging the gap for diverse talent and creating opportunities for career growth and advancement. Our goal is to create opportunities for career growth and advancement, providing access to quality jobs for diverse job seekers and helping businesses build a more inclusive workforce.


Whether you're a professional looking for new opportunities or a tech company aiming to enhance your diversity and inclusion efforts, we invite you to join our community.


Need assistance with your hiring?


We are here to support you in achieving your hiring goals.


Together, we can close the talent gap and create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

Partnering with EWTA for Diverse Talent 

The Empower Women in Tech Alliance (EWTA) promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology sector by collaborating with companies to facilitate the recruitment and hiring of highly skilled women professionals. 


Here are some key points about EWTA's efforts in this area:


Recruitment Partnerships

  • EWTA partners with corporations to connect them with qualified women candidates from EWTA's community for open tech & business roles. 

  • The alliance acts as a bridge, helping companies access a diverse talent pool and supporting their diversity hiring initiatives. 


Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

  • EWTA's mission is centered on empowering women in tech and advocating for greater gender diversity and inclusion within the industry. 

  • Through these recruitment partnerships, EWTA champions equitable and unbiased hiring practices that provide equal opportunities for diverse talent. 

  • The initiative aims to create more inclusive and representative workforces by placing skilled diverse talent.


Skilled Candidate Pool

  • EWTA has a community of highly skilled and experienced professionals in various domains. 

  • The alliance leverages this talent pool to match qualified candidates with suitable job openings at partner companies aligned with their DEI goals. 

  • By facilitating these placements, EWTA helps companies build more diverse teams and benefit from the unique perspectives and skills that women bring to tech roles. 

Internship Opportunities

  • EWTA is collaborating with one of the largest women's institutions in India and North America to develop talent and facilitate internship opportunities for students.

  • This initiative aims to provide valuable exposure and hands-on experience to aspiring women in tech, business.

#EWTA Members

Fueled by innovation, our members are spread across the globe, encompassing big tech giants, fintech, insurance, banking, startups, and more..


#EWTA: Corporate Benefits Partnership

Here are the key benefits for corporations partnering with the Empower Women in Tech Alliance (#EWTA):


Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

  • EWTA provides companies access to a community of highly skilled and experienced women professionals across various technology domains. 

  • Through recruitment partnerships, EWTA connects corporations with qualified and diverse candidates, expanding their talent pipelines. 


Enhanced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives

  • Collaborating with EWTA supports companies' DEI goals by facilitating the hiring and advancement of women in tech roles. 

  • EWTA champions equitable and unbiased hiring practices, helping create more inclusive and representative workforces. 


Improved Employer Branding and Talent Retention

  • Partnering with EWTA showcases a company's commitment to diversity and inclusion, enhancing its employer brand. 

  • A culture of diversity improves employee engagement and retention, especially among younger generations who value DEI. 


Improved Workplace Culture

  • EWTA's initiatives foster an environment of mutual respect, open communication, and collaboration among employees from diverse backgrounds. 

  • A positive, inclusive workplace culture leads to higher employee morale and productivity. 


Increased Sense of Belonging

  • When employees see diversity represented across all levels, they feel more valued, respected, and included, fostering a greater sense of belonging. 

  • EWTA helps create a welcoming environment where employees can be their authentic selves without fear of discrimination. 


Alignment with Values

  • Partnering with EWTA aligns with companies' values of social responsibility and commitment to equity. 

  • Employees feel more engaged and committed when an employer's values align with their own. 


By partnering with EWTA, corporations can access a diverse talent pool, enhance their DEI efforts, improve employer branding and retention, cultivate an inclusive workplace culture, increase employees' sense of belonging, and demonstrate alignment with values of equity and social responsibility.

#EWTA: Fostering Inclusive Workplaces, Boosting Retention

By championing diversity hiring and supporting companies' DEI efforts, EWTA plays a crucial role in creating workplaces that foster a sense of belonging, align with employee values, provide growth opportunities, cultivate an inclusive culture, and strengthen employer branding – all of which contribute to higher employee satisfaction and retention. 

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