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🧠 Unlock Your Potential with #EWTA 🔓

The Empower Women in Tech Alliance, #EWTA founded by Neelima Mangal, is a network of like-minded professionals committed to connecting, learning, and innovating together. #EWTA supports the #NextGen by providing a platform for members to connect with corporate professionals, participate in industry panels, continuously upskill, advance their careers, stay informed with tech podcasts, access curated career opportunities, enjoy discounts on educational resources and stay informed about the latest developments in the fast paced tech landscape. Whether you're an ambitious professional, a woman of colour in tech, a university student, an ally, or simply passionate about our cause, we warmly invite you to be part of #EWTA.

What started as a small community has grown into a global powerhouse. #EWTA now proudly connects professionals, engineers, leaders, and allies across 20 countries, featuring curated experts and local hubs in cities and countries such as the USA, Boston, Seattle, Florida, Amsterdam, India, Africa, Canada, and more.

Who can Join: 

  • Ambitious professionals, 

  • Women in tech, business

  • University Students, 

  • Allies, 

  • Anyone passionate about empowering women in technology


Who can benefit:

  • Professionals seeking career advancement in tech

  • Students looking to enter the corporate industry

  • Individuals interested in continuous learning and upskilling

  • Those wanting to expand their professional network

  • Anyone seeking insights from industry leaders and experts


👩‍💻 #EWTA Member - Complimentary Perks to Elevate Your Journey - FREE 🚀

  • 👥Ambitious Community: Connect with like-minded professionals and be part of a vibrant network of ambitious professionals.

  • 🗓️Empower #NextGen, Professional Panels: Be part of our professional panels, corporate webinars, fireside chats, workshops led by industry executives and C-suite leaders from around the globe. Our past speakers come from prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley, as well as major corporations across North America. Many Professionals and students have greatly benefited from their insights in the fast-paced technology landscape.

  • 👥 Continuous Learnings, Career Advancements:  Continuously learn, upskill and advance in your career, equipping with the tools and connections needed to succeed in the dynamic tech landscape.

  • 🤝Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections and expand your professional network through our panels and initiatives.

  • 🎙️Tech Podcasts: Stay informed and inspired with our curated podcast series, "The Power of Women in the World of Tech" and "GenAI360 Express" – a 360-second view of Generative AI and advancements.

  • 💼 Speaker Engagement and Opportunities: We provide our passionate members with opportunities for webinars and panel discussions to boost their confidence and enhance their portfolios. Additionally, they can access a curated list of opportunities through our vibrant community to stand out in today’s tech landscape.

  • 📚Professional Development: Enjoy discounts on tech bootcamps, courses, and other educational resources to enhance your skills and knowledge.


Our alliance is a driving force, propelling professionals, ambitious women, allies toward realizing their full potential in technology. We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, continuously striving to learn, lead, and excel.


Rooted in our core values, we are committed to uplifting women and girls in tech at every stage, from the classroom to the boardroom. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect ambitious women and allies to drive gender equality in STEAM and create a significant impact through six key pillars -

Empower 💪Engage 🤝Elevate 🚀Equity ⚖️Educate 📚Eliminate Barriers 🚫

We take great pride in our work and the positive impact we're making, and we embrace diverse cultures and backgrounds united by a passion for technology. #EWTA operates in the "digital" realm and value everyone's time amidst our busy corporate schedules. All we need to connect: a warm heart & genuine smile❤️😊.

Professional Categories: Technology, Product Management, Delivery Management, Customer Success, Quality Engineering, Finance, Customer Success, Talent Acquisition, Sales, Marketing.and STEM. 

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#EWTA Members

Fueled by innovation, our members are spread across the globe, encompassing big tech giants, fintech, insurance, banking, startups, and more..


Driven by innovation, our members and partners are spread worldwide, including many universities such as...



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