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Curious about Big Numbers hosted by Neerav and Mum

  • Do you know what’s the highest anybody can count?

  • How many zeroes are in Googol?

  • What does 100 zeros mean?

  • How many zeroes are in Googolplex?

  • What does 1000 zeros mean?

  • If you need to count from 100 to Googol, how much time it will take for you?

  • If you are curious, pls watch Episode2 - Curious about Big Numbers🎙

Kids are fascinated with big numbers, especially if they connect with the real world.From card games to shopping or making a phone call, our lives are full of numbers. We probably couldn't get through a single day without using numbers in some way.

🎤 Pls Join 9 year old Neerav as he talks about interesting, fun and educational STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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