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The Power of Growth Mindset hosted by Neelima Mangal for #students returning to #school or #college

'The Power of Women in the world of Tech' Podcast hosted by Neelima Mangal

Why having #GrowthMindset Is crucial for #professionaldevelopment, #professionalgrowth, #success#careergrowth, #careerdevelopmentcoaching and/or getting through a difficult workout.

Neelima Mangal enjoys spending time with #Students, #Interns, #NewGraduates, for those #StartingCareerJourney and imparting some of the principles she has learnt throughout her life which means a lot to her.

Everything depends on your mindset. Having the correct mindset can mean the difference between success and failure, whether you're talking about achieving career success.

As a #WomanOfColor, Neelima Mangal has encountered many parts of the challenges that plague our gender. It can be difficult for Asian women of colour to hold leadership positions in #CorporateAmerica.

👉🏻 No matter how high you are, #BeHumble; no matter how low you are, #BeHopeful, are my father's wise words to me, Neelima says.

1. Believe in yourself, making the most of yourself is the best thing you can do for the planet,

2. Persevere, Great works are accomplished via persistence

3. Believe in 'The Power of Yet', start using the word "yet" more often.

4. Welcome Feedback, Constructive criticism allows us to see ourselves through a new lens.

5. Embrace failure, Reflect each day on what you've failed at (and learned from) Don't stress over failing.

6. Step out of your comfort zone, take risks and don’t be afraid of failures

7. Keep Going, Go all-out with something you're passionate about.

8. Cultivate Grit, Grit isn't defined by persistence alone; you must also be passionate about the goal that you're trying to achieve in order to be successful.

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