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Welcome to #SpaceQUEST #STEM #Explorers #CuriousNeeravs #Podcast

🎤 Step into the world of "Curious Neerav’s Podcast," where 11-year-old Neerav invites you to embark on an engaging journey filled with captivating, educational, and enjoyable discussions. 


Our #podcast serves as a gateway to a world where learning transcends boundaries, and the excitement of exploration knows no bounds. We embark on captivating journeys through the domains of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), igniting the flame of discovery in every listener. 


SpaceQuest: This part of the name implies a quest or journey related to space. "Space" refers to outer space, the cosmos beyond Earth's atmosphere, and "Quest" suggests a purposeful and adventurous exploration.


STEM: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It represents a focus on these disciplines and their application in various fields.


Explorers: This term refers to individuals or groups engaged in exploration, discovery, and investigation. In this context, it suggests that the organization or group using this name is involved in STEM-based exploration and discovery related to space.

Guest Appearance on the Podcast

⏳Our podcast values simplicity and respects everyone's time.

Once your 'Podcast Guest' request is approved, the process involves two steps:

  1. Podcast Registration Form - You may need to submit the Podcast Registration Form.

  2. Topic for discussion - Our team will share the topic along with a sample script to prep the little ones🎙️

What little ones will Receive: 🎁

  • A certificate of participation.

  • Featured guest appearances on Spotify, Spectrum North, YouTube.

  • Featured guest on 'Spacequest STEM Explorers' forum 🌐

  • Featured guest on our Linkedin page - a platform for sharing valuable insights and experiences within STEM worlwide.

As a 'guest' on "Curious Neerav’s Podcast," kids can benefit in several ways:

  1. Educational Experience: They can share their knowledge on various topics, enhancing their understanding and teaching others.

  2. Public Speaking Skills: By speaking on the podcast, they can improve their communication and presentation skills.

  3. Confidence Building: Being a guest can boost their confidence, especially in discussing topics they are passionate about.

  4. Networking: They can connect with other guests, expanding their network and learning from diverse perspectives.

  5. Inspiration: Their story and insights can inspire other kids to explore new interests and pursue their passions.

  6. Recognition: Being featured on the podcast can provide recognition and a sense of accomplishment for their achievements.

  7. Learning Opportunity: They can learn from Neerav and other guests, gaining new knowledge and perspectives.

  8. Fun and Enjoyment: Participating in the podcast can be a fun and enjoyable experience, encouraging them to continue exploring and learning.

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Curious Neerav's Podcast Registration

Pricing - Support Our Non-Profit Volunteers, your generosity helps us advance our mission. Payment details will be shared separately.

Thanks for your Registration. Our team will get in touch with you.

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