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The Power of Allyship and the benefits of having an Ally by Neelima Mangal

Being an ally empowers others and is also empowering. When we stand together as allies, we have the power to create an unstoppable movement to drive tangible societal change.

Do you remember your first day of school? Neither do I… but I can remember how I felt. Entering a foreign environment unsure of my place in the group, unsure of who I could trust and unsure if I would be accepted.

Are you passionate about Technology, new to the IT Corporate world, your little Angels and Young Women entering into the workforce needs coaching, tips , and/or Women professional seeking self confidence, leadership skills etc..

How does allyship benefit your workplace?

There are number of ways you can show up as an ally?

Why is it important to be an ally?

If you are curious listen to 👉🏻 The PodCast: SN Women Empowerment - The Power of Women in the world of Tech! is on Spotify, Anchor

The Power of Allyship at work and the benefits of having an ally

As part of Season2, Spectrum North aims to promote women empowerment by fostering self confidence, leadership skills and motivate women to overcome the real life challenges they face within the corporate world today.

Every woman has her own journey, and the path is never easy. Everyone has her share of failures. It is how you deal with those failures and what you learn from them that matters. It is how you respond rather than react to those situations that matters. It is the lessons you learn from your failures that matters. We are going to learn and move forward together.

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